Angle in motion


A dynamique monument between gigantic towers

Honorable mention in Arquitectum‘s New York 2007 competition
Location: Manhattan – NY – USA
Plot area: 1000 m²
Total built floor area: 2000 m²
Height: 100 m
In collaboration with: New Wave Architecture as architect & computer graphic designer
May -July 2007

The challenge of this competition was the installation of a new monument to celebrate the cosmopolitan, urban and global character of New York City. To this end, this project (a 100-metre-high tower) would house a museum which will display the personal effects, souvenirs and photos belonging to a new generation of immigrants who –from 1960 onwards- arrived in the city in search of the “American Dream”. Unlike other works of architecture, ANGEL IN MOTION is constantly in flow, spontaneous and unpredicted. Perpetually moving and changing shape. Walking to motion with the rise of sun, and going back to sleep when daylight is gone. So it proclaims its lively being amongst the mass of gigantic towers.

ange_02 ange_03 ange_04 ange_05