Atelier 360


Center for creation, training and broadcasting of the music and culture of the world.

Master’s degree internship, June – September 2011
Parc Architectes – Paris, FRANCE
Client: SCIA represented by Accords Croisés – SEMAVIP
– A cultural center in the center of Paris
– A place well-connected and open to it’s neighborhood
Total surface area: 950 m² SHON
Estimated cost: 1.600.000 euro HT

Atelier 360 aims to resemble all types of public for the shows, trainings and pedagogical actions. It creates a place of social mixture and meeting by attracting the communities of the neighborhood (Africans, Indians, Maghrebi) as well as the world music audiences who are essentially wealthier.
It’s around the dialectic of opening and closure that we were planning to work on this project. In terms of program, this foundation intends to assemble different structures capable of mixing together while keeping their own identity. In urban terms, this institution should be opened up and be integrated in it’s neighborhood while kept isolated for not bothering the neighbors. Finally in functional terms, interior spaces should be as well connected to each other as being separated.
Opened and closed, is the theme that guides the reflection and that assures the consistency of the approach and the vision in different aspects of the project: Urban insertion, the layout of the rooms, the materiality of the envelopes, working methodology and the integration of the environmental data.

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