Plastic house


Temporary housing unit design, Nov. – Dec. 2004

Experimental project by: Navid Ghasemzadeh, Koohyar Samiee, Amin Hosseinpour, Dena Mousapour.
Materials: Semi-transparent PC corrugated sheets & PVC pipes
Construction cost: 500$
Sponsor: Shahid Beheshty University – IRAN
Design duration: 1 month
Final practice: 2 days

This project aims to conceive a temporary housing unit, easily applicable to the cities victim of earthquake. The idea is to use essentially materials that can found in the sites hit by such a disaster. The design is based on the reused materials in order to reintegrate these materials in the building cycle. The structure is made of polycarbonate tubes vastly used in building industry for evacuation uses. The covering material is the undulated PVC. All the design and installation process was at the initiative of the students.





plastique_16 plastique_17 plastique_18 plastique_19