University canteen


Sistan & Baluchistan university restaurant

Winner of Memar 2010 architectural prize
Location: Zahedan, IRAN
Gross floor area: 3000 m²
Project Architects: Lida Almassian, Shahin Heidari
Team work: Fatemeh Mohammadi, Sara Farahani, Alireza Kamrani, Navid Ghasemzadeh, Helaleh Alaei

Situated in the south-east of Iran near the borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan, this project aims to combine the different elements and volumes by playing with the material density. Situated in a neutral landscape, the unique character of this building turns it to a landmark amongst other buildings of the campus. This large scale building is covered with an exterior travertine finishing. Thanks to the color and the texture of its material, the building resembles a continuous band from a distance.

The building has a rectangular plan, in which the self-service restaurant and kitchens, with its preparation and storage areas, are aligned in sequence.

Energetically, the building uses traditional techniques, modernizing the function of the pools around the building, which also enter the central courtyard in small channels.





cantine_11 cantine_14